Anne Leigh Parrish Writer


Unleash Lit, Publication pending, “The Suburbanites Visit a Nightclub,” “The Silence it Accepts,””Strife,” “History,” “Even the Desert”

The Bluebird Word, “Perhaps”

Anti-Heroin Chick, “At My Mother’s Knee”

Quartet, “Might”

Literary Heist, This Is The Year”

Scapegoat Review, “stoning the lake”

Scapegoat Review, “after that”

Dipity Literary Magazine, “Methow Valley,” “Peony,” “San Diego County”

Product Magazine, “cardigans, c. 1962”

Sunlight Press, “lifting brightness”

Sunlight Press,“denial of our plainness”

talking about strawberries all of the time, “touched by rain,” “today, june 24, 2002,” “uninvited,” “glide,” “how things end”

Feminine Collective, “intelligence”

Feminine Collective, “twenty years”

Feminine Collective, “a list of things that are yellow”

Feminine Collective, “cause & effect” 

Product Magazine, “frog girl goes to camp”

Feminine Collective, “diary of a false assassin”

Feminine Collective, “truth & lie”

Squawk Back, “owner’s manual”

talking about strawberries all of the time, “that promising day,” “no matter,” “our myths,” “shift,” “in her blindness”

Feminine Collective, “not seeing eye to eye

Humana Obscura, “snow country.” Poem is on page 64 of the digital edition

Full House Literary Magazine, “blue obsidian.” Poem is on page 5 of the PDF

Feminine Collective, “resistance”

Libretto Magazine, issue 5, “like a shade of dawn.”   Poem is on page 14 of the PDF

Sledgehammer Lit, “rage”

FEED issue 2.2, “if the sky won’t have me.” Poem is the third one listed.

The Noncomformist Magazine, December 16, 2020, “pothole”

South 85 Journal, Fall/Winter 2020 issue, “even the trees went under”

Clover & White, “how they conquer” 

Feminine Collective, “the moon won’t be dared” 

Feminine Collective, “girl with the broken back”

Rèapparition Journal, “the river”

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Cypress, a Poetry Journal, “removal”

 “love’s needle” October Hill Magazine, page 78

Feminine Collective, “what we talk about when we watch the handmaid’s tale”

Feminine Collective, “you made the world”

Q/A Poetry, Issue 7 “when a cliché”

34th Parallel Magazine Issue 68, September 2019, “Sailing Off The Edge of The World.”

“Nina’s Dream,” Lamplit Underground, Volume I

“my mother’s scarves,” Feminine Collective

 “politically correct,” Feminine Collective

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 a survey of the female experience,” Feminine Collective

burned,” Issue 1 of Wilde Boy, page 18.

Summer 2018 issue of Crow Literary Journal: “earth’s love;” “for never wanting;” “her curse;” “nisqually delta;” “time;” and “vacation revelation.”

“that night,” Issue 13.1 of S/tick, page 36.

Volume 3, Issue 1 of MockingHeart Review, three poems: “deluge,” “sin,” and “lying on solid ground”