Taking The Plunge

Well I’ve done what I once swore I’d NEVER EVER do – I self-published. I’m old enough so that the archaic term “vanity press” still resonates.  Oh, how we used to disdain those desperate, third-rate, talentless writers who had to stoop so low just to get their words into the light of day. I cut […]


This companion piece appeared along with my story, “The Professor,” in the debut issue of Souvenir on Valentine’s Day 2013.   107 Oak Hill Place. That’s the address of the fictional home in my story, “The Professor.”  The house stood at the end of a small cul-de-sac.  Built in 1920, it was sturdy, with wood […]

Language is A Living Thing

These days, as the anniversary of her death approaches, I think often of my mother.  A professor of literature, with a PhD from Harvard, her presence was intimidating.  She could read in six languages: French, English, Latin, Greek, Italian, and German.  She had little patience for slang, profanity, or errors of grammar, all of which […]

On This Inauguration Day

New beginnings, renewed hope and energy.  A steadfast commitment to the years ahead and to the work they will require.  I think of all these things on this inauguration day.  As a writer, my thoughts turn to my chosen profession, and its particular challenges – also its amazing rewards.  Over all the years that I’ve […]

Why We Write

The answer to that question has changed for me over the years.  In the beginning, I told myself that writing was my calling, a destiny I had to follow, lured on by the love of language.  Writing was a magic power to capture some little part of the world and remake it into something perfect […]

In a Word: Love

I went on vacation a few weeks ago – eleven whole days away from home.   With me were my husband, son, daughter, daughter’s best friend, and three off-kilter dogs.  Up on Orcas Islands in the San Juans of Washington State, one isn’t exactly cut off.  The FedEx plane makes its daily trip to and from […]

Finding The Truth in Fiction

When I write fiction, I look for truths not yet revealed.  Not always about deeds committed or intended,  some truths are simply revelations a character will have, often about his own soul.  Today I take specific examples from the pieces in my story collection, All The Roads That Lead From Home, to illustrate what I […]

We, Too, Are Worthy

Every writer knows that getting the attention and respect of editors, publishers, agents, and readers can be hard.  It take a lot of work, a lot of patience, and a lot of heart.  But what about from the people you’re close to?  Your friends, people you work with, or even your own family?  Sometimes those […]


In about ten more minute, the President will address the nation.  The media has been buzzing about it for days, and the Republicans have taken every chance possible to make sure we all understand how weak and incompetent the President is, and how wonderful, brilliant, and insightful they are.  What a bunch of garbage!  What […]