And May I Introduce . . . .

Today I consider the anxious personality – he who is overwrought, nervous, always on the move, casting quick, desperate glances out of windows.  This is one who stays at home, a shut-in for all intents and purposes, who draws fresh air but twice a day, in the company of a solid, calming soul whose steady […]

Reality Check

Here’s Congress trying to come to terms with the deficit.  The deficit Republicans are blaming on the Democrats, specifically President Obama and what has been perceived as lavish and irresponsible spending.  Just to set the record straight, between 2000 and 2008, it was the Republicans who 1) cut taxes without finding a way to pay […]

A Little Waste of Time

I recently did something I’ve never done before.  I went to a class reunion.  Not my class, however.  My husband’s law school class.  He graduated twenty-five years ago.  The reunion was held at the law school he attended.  The school was hosting a number of reunions for people who graduated five years ago, ten, fifteen, […]

Good Thinking

Well, you did it, you nitwit voters.  Called them all back to spew more of their nonsense about taxes and the evils of government spending.  You, the great middle-class, whose numbers are far larger than any other strata of our country, you’re the ones to blame.  And you’re the very ones the Democrats have tried […]

Holding Our Breath

We’re all holding our breath, waiting for the results of the mid-term elections.  Once again, the media have favored the Republicans before those results are even in.  Polls have become the modern-day crystal ball; pundits are like the ancients reading the goat entrails.  Can we please just not wait and see what happens?  I suppose […]

One World to Another – Thoughts on Artistic Media

Portrait of Ambroise Vollard, by Pablo Picasso I have always loved Cubism.  Picasso and Braque, the master, the founders, if you will.  I always loved the idea of breaking things down to essential elements, and recombining them into new images.  Last night I watched a documentary called “Picasso and Braque Go To The Movies.”    It […]

Observations about the Upcoming Mid-Term Elections

Like many of us, I’m thinking a great deal about the upcoming mid-term elections.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown weary of campaign commercials, campaign rhetoric, name-calling, finger-point and the rest.  The Tea Partiers bore me with their proud ignorance of how anything – and everything – actually works in this country.  What […]

Michael Cunningham, “By Nightfall”

“By Nightfall”, Michael Cunningham I read Michael Cunningham’s novel, By Nightfall, not long ago.  I didn’t find it as strong as The Hours, but then I don’t know how he could possible do better than he did there.  That said, By Nightfall has some amazing elements that stayed with me.  The narrator, Peter Harris, is […]