A Sitdown with Anne Leigh Parrish – Unsolicited Press Author Interview

originally published in The Buzz, Unsolicited Press’s blog   If you could cook dinner for any author, dead or alive, who would it be? What would you make? I think I would roast a leg of lamb for Virginia Woolf, though I wouldn’t do it as well as my Armenian mother.  What scares you the […]

Author Interview: Kay Rae Chomic

      I’m pleased to present my author interview with Kay Rae Chomic. ALP:  Golf seems to be a major factor in your life, both in your debut novel, A Tight Grip, and your personal life. Tell us a little about your history with the sport, and how it influenced your writing of your book. […]

Author Interview: Anesa Miller

  Today I’m chatting with Anesa Miller about her work. ALP:  You brought out two books within the last year, a collection of essays, To Boldly Go, and a novel, Our Orbit.  For myself, any kind of non-fiction writing has a very different feel from writing fiction.  Do you find that as well?  How do you shift […]

Author Interview: Clifford Garstang

    Today I’m chatting with Cliff Garstang, author of In An Uncharted Country (Press 53, 2010) and What The Zhang Boys Know (Press 53, 2012).  As you’ll read, Cliff is both very interesting and highly accomplished.  He and I have crossed paths a few times in the last few years.  First, Cliff did me the honor […]

Author Interview: Lawrence Parlier

    Today I chat with writer, poet, and musician Lawrence Parlier.  Parlier’s debut novel, Sierra Court Blues, was published in 2013 by Hawkins Publishing Group. What fuels your writing?  And what, if anything, slows it down? I think curiosity is what drives me. I am infinitely curious about the world around me, how things […]