Anne Leigh Parrish Writer

We’re all holding our breath, waiting for the results of the mid-term elections.  Once again, the media have favored the Republicans before those results are even in.  Polls have become the modern-day crystal ball; pundits are like the ancients reading the goat entrails.  Can we please just not wait and see what happens?  I suppose not.  We must do something to earn our paychecks.  And speaking of paychecks, I don’t suppose many Republican supporters fully realize that they’ll go down if their party wins.  That many will suffer financially.  Because the government, which they profess to hate and yet continue to take money from once they’re elected, hasn’t spent too much money on the economy, it hasn’t spent nearly enough.  But this is something we learn from history, and Republicans aren’t interested in history, only in re-writing it.   My next post will bear directly on what we learn  – or fail to learn – today.

Woman Crying, by Pablo Picasso