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The Hedgerow

Unsolicited Press | July 9, 2024

A Summer Morning

Unsolicited Press | October 3, 2023

If The Sky Won’t Have Me

Unsolicited Press | April 4, 2023


Unsolicited Press | October 14, 2021


Unsolicited Press | October 4, 2022


Unsolicited Press | March 16, 2021

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Anne Leigh Parrish

Anne Leigh Parrish is the author of thirteen previously published books. Her latest novel, A Summer Morning, arrived in October 2023 from Unsolicited Press. Her next novel, The Hedgerow, also from Unsolicited Press, set in 1949 and a sequel to An Open Door (October 2022), lets readers experience Edith Sloan’s personal tragedies and triumphs as she tends to her beloved bookstore on Harvard Square. The Hedgerow hits stores in July 2024. Anne lives with her family among the evergreen trees in Olympia, Washington.