Anne Leigh Parrish Writer

Maggie’s Ruse

A novel by Anne Leigh Parrish | Unsolicited Press Oct. 2019

Maggie and Marta Dugan are identical twins. Their relationship has the usual sisterly strains, until home alone one afternoon, Maggie masquerades as Marta when a friend of hers drops by. The ruse is quickly discovered, a rift between the sisters ensues, and they go their separate ways. But living apart is hard; real independence harder still. Will they come back together? How long until each realizes she needs the other to feel whole?

Finalist for Literary Fiction – 2020 American Fiction Awards

Short List – 2020 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize

Honorable Mention in General Fiction – 2020 Eric Hoffer Award

Praise for Maggie’s Ruse

In the spirit of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors and David Swift’s The Parent Trap, Anne Leigh Parrish’s rollicking fourth novel, Maggie’s Ruse, grapples with the consequences of mistaking one identical twin for the other. – Jacob Appel, author of Millard Salter’s Last Day

Overall, this book was a sweet story about love, sisterhood, and difficult relationships; a great read!
– San Francisco Book Review

Parrish writes fluidly, skillfully presenting descriptive pictures of the twins and their circle of friends as beneficiaries of privilege and entitlement.
– BlueInk Review

Parrish’s fourth novel, Maggie’s Ruse, is a well-written book you are unlikely to put down.
– Kristina Reed, reviewing for Readsy

In the novel, Maggie’s Ruse, identical twins pursue separate paths in the contemorary art and theater worlds, but discover that some bonds are too strong to break.
– Foreword Clarion Reviews

Maggie’s Ruse by Anne Leigh Parrish is a highly readable  romp of novel exploring identity, sisterly bonds, and the decisions that both divide and unite us.
– Pam McGaffin, author of The Leaving Year

Anne Leigh Parrish is a sharp observer of personalities and relationships. Skillfully-written and absorbing, Maggie’s Ruse well displays her ample literary talents.
– Karl Wenclas, Editor, New Pop Lit